Last week I wrote about things you must avoid for your marketing strategy to be successful. If you want a marketing campaign to be effective, you must reach the right audience. How can you do that? Well, here are some more things you shouldn’t do:

Ineffective Advertising

If you advertise well it can be highly effective. But for many businesses advertising isn’t written well enough or hasn’t been tested and companies haven’t experimented with what they can do.

So how can you do it properly? Firstly, test and measure the response to your advert. Don’t just stick to a particular advertising budget every year, try it out, see how effective it is, if it works, spend more on it, if not, try something else.

You need to measure how many people respond to your ads, how many of them converted to sales, what it worth is to you etc.

Focus on advert headlines as it is the most important aspect, or the first few words of the advert to persuade people to read on.

The ad needs to be personal to the individual reading it and address their needs, desires, fears etc and communicate the benefits of your product or service and tell them what they need to do to get that product/service.

What Are The Benefits Your Product/Service Bring?

People don’t buy a product/service they buy the benefits it brings. Knowing this, you will likely approach advertising in a different way. Every word of your advert should be crafted so your customer understands the benefits of your product/service.

This relies on your team knowing the benefits of a product- an easy assumption to make, but not always right. Also bear in mind that not everyone buys the same thing for the same reason. So make sure everyone is clear of the benefits and that you advertise the right ones to the right people.

Use Email Marketing Effectively

Make sure you’re in the 21st century- this means email and Emarketing. Emails are becoming an increasingly important form of communication. Therefore, Emarketing should be mentioned in your marketing plan.

However, you can’t communicate via email if you don’t have customers email addresses. Bear in mind advertising via email is free, whereas printing posters, brochures etc isn’t.

On a side note, it’s also expected these days for your company to have a website. If you don’t have one, you are doing your business an injustice.

Once you have the email addresses, use them! You don’t just have email addresses to sell things, but you can also thank customers for their business, make special offers, recommend items, send newsletters etc. You could use their email addresses in many different ways to advertise your business.

Finally make sure your emails are personal so they stand out from the masses people already have in their inbox. You can either do this manually if your mailing list is small, or use an automation system to include recipients names.

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