A new study has revealed that the latest generation of workers – Generation Y – are not interests in corporate or social responsibility, but more materialistic extras like bonuses and high salaries.

According to a survey conducted by FreshMinds Talent, the Generation Y is considered to be those who were born after 1982, and are those looking for higher salaries rather than responsibility in the workplace.

The research also found that Generation Y are generally more demanding that the last two generations (Generation X born between 1964 and 1981, and the Baby Boomers in 1946 to 1963) when it comes to perks at work.

What are Considered the Better Benefits?

Flexible working hours and contributory pension schemes are top of the list of workplace benefits young people are looking for in employment. 50% if the current generation also think sabbaticals are important, and 28% are looking for discounted gym membership and sign-on bonuses when they join your company.

The poll conducted has also helped to disprove some way that younger workers are preoccupied with companies’ social and ethical policies. According to the results, Generation Y will take higher paid jobs over jobs that focus on corporate or social responsibility, but that they are prepared to take a lower salary in return for flexible working hours, being able to work from home and better training opportunities.

41% of those questioned also said that they believed that the company they work for says something about them, with only 9% strongly disagreeing with this statement. This is compared with 14% of Generation X, and 23% of the Baby Boomers generation who said they strongly disagreed with something about their employers.

Young Employees – More Empathetic, But No More Loyal!

Though young employees may be empathetic, they have shown the same amount of loyalty to the company they work for as the past couple of generations. 15% of the current generation have already had four or more previous jobs, which is in proportion to Generation X and the Baby Boomers.

James Callander of FreshMinds Talent had this to say about the results: “There is a lot of speculation about how Generation Y differ from earlier generations, particularly in terms of how they relate to the working environment.

“Our research aimed to draw out both how the younger generation differs and where their attitudes are the same as their older peers. This is critical if employers are going to understand what is required to engage this group of people that represent the future of their business.”

What Do You Think?

How accurate do you think this poll results are compared to what you have seen from people in your workforce? Is what the current generation expect from employers reasonable and expected? Leave your comments here.

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