So, your business is making the most of the recession, you want to expand and therefore need to employ extra staff. But how can you write an effective recruitment advert that will attract the best applicants for the job?

A recruitment advert is an important marketing tool. So what can you do to make sure you get it right?

1) What Exactly Is The Job?  Not just the job title, but be clear what the role will involve so that your advert is clear.

2) What Are You Looking For? Who is going to fit in with the team you already have? When you word your ad, write it as though you were speaking to that person that will fit in.

3) What Skills Do They Need To Have? It’s tempting to ask for high academic qualifications to filter out weaker candidates, but this isn’t necessarily the best indicator of ability in the workplace.

4) What Experience Do They Need? It’s common for employers to ask for a certain number of years of experience, but this may not take into account younger applicants who have fast-tracked their careers. Instead, try stating a precise area of expertise and ask them to prove they have done this.

5) Extra-Curricular Activities? Ask employees about outside of work achievements. This can give an idea of the candidates social skills and their attitude towards others.

6) What Response Do You Want? Consider this before you write the ad. If the position is in something like senior management, you may want half a dozen strong candidates, but if you’re looking for a graduate employee, a bigger choice may be better.

7) What Facts Do They Need To Know? As minimum, include: name and address of company; brief description of the business; job title; summary of responsibilities; special requirements; closing date, how to reply.

8) How To Reflect Your Company’s Personality? You can achieve this through your layout. Always use your corporate logo, colours and strap line if you have one. Certain typefaces also reflect certain personalities. And of course the wording itself is important. You could ask existing employees to compare the advert to what they have experienced within the company.

9) How To Make It Stand Out? Once you know where you will put the ad, look at the competition. What other companies and jobs are you competing against, and how can you work your ad so yours gets candidates attention first?

10) Does The Job Look Attractive? Imagine you are your potential candidate, ask yourself if you’d be interested in applying. If not, then you need to make some changes. Find out what attracted your other employees, and play on your strengths, keeping your ad benefit-orientated

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