The future is bright according to the Government – time to think about training!

The Government is feeling positive about the future – they are providing new skills support to employers to take some of the pressure off businesses when employment rates start to look healthier.

The service, being called Train to Gain, will work with Business Link to provide useful advice for businesses on how to build up a successful workforce.

According to Lord Young, skills minister, the move is the Government’s way of providing real aid to businesses which will help them to lift themselves back onto their feet when the economic crisis starts to come to an end.

“The challenging economic climate means it has never been more important to ensure that employers get access to the support and advice they need – quickly and easily,” says Lord Young.

Have the tools to thrive…

Remember the age-old adage – “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, give a man a fishing pole and he’ll eat everyday.”  By giving businesses the tools to build themselves back to full strength, the Government are hoping to provide more than simply throwing money at the problem.

But why should you give so much thought to training your staff?  Staff training is a big business and the benefits can be well worth any costs or time spent – there are two main benefits of training your staff;

•    Training improves employee morale and motivation
•    Training provides employees with the necessary skills to perform their tasks appropriately

Training is a great way to boost the productivity of your business – employees are happier and know exactly what they are doing.  Employees will be taught how to work in a more efficient manner and will therefore not waste precious time, resources and money.

Morale is one of the most important aspects of any business…

Employees will be making fewer mistakes because they will have been trained to know exactly what to do.  This will boost morale which is an important factor for any business – a drop in morale could see the end to a business so if you have the chance to boost both morale and productivity then you should be jumping at the chance.

Training will also lead to improved relationships, whether they are between employees or between employees and customers or suppliers.  Everyone will be happier and that will reflect to the outside world.

There is always a concern amongst business managers that once an employer is trained up they may decide to leave the business making the costs spent on training become an unnecessary waste.

However many surveys have shown that training employees actually promotes staff retention – 49 per cent of businesses in the CIPD recruitment and retention survey 2005 actually turned to training as a way of improving employee retention.

So remember, there are many benefits of staff training, and with the Government backing the coming services and advice you shouldn’t find the subject too hard to understand.

What about you?

Are you all for the Government’s plans?  Do you put a lot of faith in employee training?  Do you feel that training staff is a waste of time?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think…

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