Health and safety is important…

Sometimes the importance of health and safety issues goes right over our heads but we need to be reminded sometimes that heath and safety issues are extremely important and affects all employees of your business as well as customers and suppliers.

However, it’s not always such a good idea to simply comply with the minimum requirements as the repercussions of doing so could actually cost your business in the long run.

By spending minimal effort on health and safety you are inviting the risks of illness and accidents, which could effectively cost your business significant amounts of money.

You’ll benefit from the assessment.

Therefore, by spending more time and effort when completing your health and safety checks you will not only be attracting more customers by portraying a good public image, you will also be saving yourself money and time in the bigger picture.

But what does a good health and safety assessment involve?  According to the law of the land an employer has a requirement to;

•    Complete a thorough health and safety risk assessment.

•    Make sure that the premises that your employees work in meets the minimum standards of both comfort and sanitation.

•    Make a note of any injury disease or accident that happens on the premises in an accident book.  In some cases these situations may need to be reported to the authorities.

•    If you have five employees or more then it is your responsibility to create a health and safety policy that employees must be aware of.

There are also environmental concerns that your business must adhere to if it wants to meet the country’s minimum health and safety standards.  These concerns involve reducing the businesses harmful ecological impact.

If these concerns are not met then there can be some serious consequences – apart from being fined for not following the rules there is also the possibility that you could face time in prison.  In the worst situations businesses have been closed down.

The best way to tackle the health and safety issues is to meet them head on – make sure that you get the correct procedures in place from the beginning and then keep regular checks on the procedures to make sure that they are continuing to stay on track.

To stay on top of situations you should think about;

•    Looking at any other environmental risks.

•    Conducting a number of mini-assessments over time to maintain the health and safety procedures.

•    If anything in your business changes you should conduct a new health and safety check whether it is a new member of staff or a new piece of equipment, etc…

•    Completing regular maintenance checks on equipment to make sure it is running efficiently.

•    Making sure staff are continuing to follow the health and safety procedures.

What about you?

There are a number of issues regarding health and safety and it is more important than ever to stay on top of the issues.  If you have recently carried out a health and safety assessment why not let us know what issues you uncovered…

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