Looking for cheap new staff? According to research by fish4jobs, you’re not alone. But in order to find the best talent out there for your company, you need to act fast.

The economic downturn has lead many companies to advertise vacancies on their own websites and hope to get a hit.

According to the research conducted by fish4jobs, 65% of people resorted to this measure in the first half of 2008 in order to find applicants. Not only this, but the use of recruitment consultancies rose to 57%, and those advertising on job-boards went up to 54%.

Money Matters

64% of employers taking part in the survey admitted it was getting harder to recruit due to money constraints.

Joe Slavin, the chief executive of fish4jobs evaluated: “it is evident that recruiters are being more cautious with their money, but recruitment will continue to be an important cost unless the jobs market slows down.

“This is great news for job-seekers as there are still plenty of vacancies available, although everyone should exercise caution before leaving jobs hastily.”

What Can Your Company Do?

The following are some tips on how to find the right recruit for your company while still spending as little cash as possible:

1) Know how many staff you are looking for before you start any recruitment plans

2) Where will people look fore similar jobs to the one you are advertising? Knowing this will help you attract the right kind of staff

3) If advertising is necessary, don’t waste money by advertising in the wrong place. Newspapers and job boards are a good way to attract for generic jobs, but trade magazines would be better for specialist positions

4) If you are paying to advertise, do it properly. Give a complete description of the personal specifications you are looking for. This will also make it easier to filter out the good CVs from the bad CVs more quickly

5) Finally, if you find the person for the position, don’t let them go!  Make sure they are aware how keen you are to have them on your team by giving them a second interview quickly, before someone else can get in there and snap them up first.


What Do You Think?

What has worked for your company? Do you have any other tips for recruiting on a budget? Perhaps you know of somewhere you can advertise vacancies cheaply and effectively? Leave your comments here.

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