Small Businesses – Naming Game

Choosing a name for your small business can be a difficult thing to do – there are many considerations you should think about before taking the plunge and deciding on one.

Read on to find out some of the key considerations and make sure you get the name for your small business spot on!  Your business name effects more than you would think…


You must make sure that no other business has the name you want to use – you should come up with a top 5 and then if the first one is taken then you can move down the line.

If you want to check up on the different names in the country then there is a list at Companies House you can peruse at your convenience – if you see a company with the name you want then unfortunately you have to go with something else.

It is also a good idea to have a flick through the phone book if you want a quick check on the availability of business names.  You should be able to see quickly if another company is operating under the name you want…and don’t forget the Internet!


There are rules that must be followed when deciding upon a name for your business – for example you business should end with ‘limited’, ‘unlimited’, ‘public limited company’ or the abbreviations for example.

Then you must make sure that the name that you choose for the company is not offensive.  You could find that some names must even receive approval from the Secretary of State if you use words such as England and English.


Before deciding on a name you should not only make sure it is unique but you should also make sure that you can get your hands on the website – if you call your business “Wood and Bricks” you want to make sure you can buy the domain “” for example.

If you don’t check this out you may be extremely disappointed later on down the line when it comes to setting up your online presence – your customers will not be able to find you easily online and your business will suffer.


Just because you register a name for your business it doesn’t mean that you are protected against other people using your company’s name for their own products for example.

You can trademark your business by getting in touch with the Patent Office.  However you should think about getting in touch with the Patent Office anyway in case you are ripping off someone else’s name – if you don’t cover yourself you can find yourself in a lot of financial trouble later on down the line.

Naming Game?

Are you struggling to name your small business?  Has our advice given you a helping hand?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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