The UK can expect “more strike action, for longer periods” according to the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Royal Mail and post union chiefs have been meeting at TUC headquarters all week and have still failed to come to an agreement.

The CWU’s postal strikes are underway in their second phase and affect the whole country, with approximately 44,000 members going on strike on Thursday.

More 24 hour strikes are due to be held on Friday and Saturday, with CWU general secretary Billy Hayes revealing that “I can see the strike action increasing now.”

“I don’t think we’re going to put up with this messing about.”

Royal Mail chief executive Adam Crozier was referred to on several occasions by Mr Hayes. Mr Crozier had said over the weekend that people should “shut up” exaggerating the impact of the strike.

Mr Hayes felt angered by these comments. “Our people aren’t going to shut up, our people are very angry.”

“I’m very angry at Royal Mail’s attitude towards these talks.”

43,700 union members in mail centres, delivery units in mail centres, network logistic drivers and garage staff are on strike on Thursday.

According to Royal Mail, they had been close to an agreement on Tuesday evening, but on Wednesday morning, the CWU had brought new demands to the table.

Mark Higson, managing director for Royal Mail Letters informed the BBC that “early yesterday the CWU came up with a fresh set of demands, and we considered those and we were in fact at the TUC all day.”

“But really in an extraordinary action, the CWU then decided to carry on calling the strikes, while those talks were in progress.”

Mr Higson’s attentions are now brought to ensuring that a few people are affected by these actions as possible by the continuing strike action, expecting the majority of mail backlog cleared by the start of next week.

More strikes are due from 400 workers at Stockport, Plymouth and Stoke with 77,000 delivery and collection staff across the UK striking on Saturday.

Dave Ward, deputy general secretary at the CWU announced that “we’re very frustrated and disappointed that we were unable to break the deadlock yesterday.”

“We tabled a proposal at ten o’clock yesterday morning and we waited some eight hours for Royal Mail to respond to that proposal.”

However, Mr Ward revealed that the talks from the last three days have been “the most useful and productive discussions” since the beginning of the talks.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber has been chairing the recent talks. The TUC helped to bring the strike action to an end two years ago.

Union leaders are beginning to blame Royal Mail chiefs and Lord Mandelson for the failure to reach a deal.

Lord Mandelson declared, “I’m very disappointed that these talks broke down.”

“They seemed, yet again, so close to an agreement.”

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