In these tough financial times you should start thinking about how you are marketing your small business.  Read on to discover how a few simple steps could help boost your company’s image into the right direction.

1.    Small flyers are a great way to get your businesses name into the hands of the general public in the streets.  They are precise and to the point and even if one in ten or twenty people that grabs one of the flyers actually reads it then you’re on the right track.

2. But don’t stop with a flier – a good idea is to print up a small ad on a postcard and mail it out to prospective clients and customers.  This is a fantastic way to boost the high volume of traffic to your website at a small cost.

3. When sending mail through your business make sure you add a little message to the outside of your letters.  Whether handwritten, on a stamp or on a sticker it’s important to make sure the message is short and concise.  This method sucks the person in before they have even opened the letter, don’t forget to make it short though – too much text and it’ll be tossed aside.

4. Newsletters are a good way of keeping your existing customers happy and part of the whole business.  It’s interesting to understand that it actually costs six times more to sell a product to a new customer than to one that is already on-board!  A good way of cutting costs is to look at emailing your newsletters rather than worrying about printing and mailing…and then a link in the newsletter will bring your website to the customer with just the click of the mouse.

5. No matter what the reason for sending out mail don’t forget to include your ads or flyers and even brochures – whatever it takes to get your messages across to potential clients.  The additional costs will be fractional if anything at all and the benefits will be tremendous.

6. Another good tool to use is to send off a voucher to a customer as soon as they have done business with you.  This is a great way of attracting existing customers to make another visit and it’s also a fantastic way of associating positivity with your business.

7.    Set your self up a blog on your website. A blog has great potential for letting customers and visitors to the site read all the latest news and plans and what’s more is its simple.  It’s easy to set up and easy for the visitor to read – don’t make your blogs too long or boring though as this can be understandably off putting!

Whatever happens try as best you can to use as many marketing strategies as possible to keep your business as healthy as possible throughout the recession – keeping on top of it might just be a life-saver!

Got any tips yourself?  Feel free to add some tips of your own.

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