Marketing Tools – Don’t underestimate the power of copywriting!

One of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal will always be copywriting – you need to be able to sell your product or service and you can’t do that without suitable copywriting and no one will be more passionate about your business than YOU!

You should be able to write the copy for your marketing campaigns yourself as you can be the main person who knows exactly what should be said.  However, before you get writing there are a few things you should know…

There are a few secrets that should be understood to make sure you make the most from your marketing experience;

Highlight the Benefits

People are far more interested in quickly looking over the features of a product or service and going straight to the benefits to their business.  Businesses will buy a product or service to benefit their business so you should make sure the benefits to their company are underlined and emphasised.

The benefits to a business are far more attractive and a much stronger selling point than the features and by articulating these benefits you will be able to help the business understand what they will get from the experience.


There aren’t focus groups and research plans in place for no good reason – they are there so that you can get a better understanding of your target audience.  Obviously you must first understand who your target audience is and then you can set about getting inside their minds and understand what their thinking involves.

Each target audience group will have a different method of thinking so it is important to understand what will appeal to the audience you want to aim to attract.


Don’t write copy aimed at your audience without including them in it – include them by using words like “you” rather than over using words like “we” which alienate your audience.

The word “you” will create a more personalised feel making the whole experience give the feeling that it is aimed at that specific person rather than at anyone who is passing.


You can say whatever you want in your copy, but if you can’t prove it then you’ll just be a bit of a liar and your public image will go downhill!  Whatever you say you can do, you must do – there is no other way around it.

The best way to prove you do what you say you do is through the magic of customer testimonials.  The key is to use them sparingly around the copy, but just make sure you use them as they are the audience’s only insight into the reality of what you are offering.

Copywriting your way to a healthy business?

How much stock do you put into strong copywriting techniques?  Do you think that a good, strong marketing strategy is one of the best tools for your business through the recession?  Let us know…

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