Introduce positivity to your business…

A recession isn’t exactly a time to rush out and smell the roses and crack open the bottles of Champagne – celebration isn’t featuring much through the small businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

However it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay positive.  Through the life of your business you will feel many ups and downs where you go from superb highs to disastrous lows.  The main thing you should remember is you should always stay positive and this is how to do it;

What do you want?

Understand what you want from your life and then set out to get it.  You are in control of your future and so you can only blame yourself for not getting it.  By following your heart and dreams you will be waking up everyday feeling good because you will be living your life for yourself.

Positive Surroundings

The people you spend most of your time with are often greatly underappreciated.  If you surround yourself with positive thinkers then their attitude will rub off onto you – the same goes for negative thinkers so try and avoid them.

Team Building

There isn’t enough time given to team building activities – providing a strong sense of teamwork can be a perfect way of creating an environment that works like a well-oiled machine.  Even if it’s just you and one other employee you should go for a meal or play some Badminton…get together and work as a team!


One way of making sure something is done is by setting yourself a goal – if you set a goal for your business you will find that you will set about doing it!  It’s that simple.  Understand what exactly you need to do for the day and then set yourself some realistic goals that you will feel good about completing by the end of the day.


Mentors are fantastic ways of making sure your business is on the right track – after all you choose a mentor who has seen it all (hopefully) and they can guide you to success.  Once again chose a positive thinking mentor!


Goals are a great way of getting work done, but after a few weeks of completing goals without a reward at the end of the day/week you will start to slow down – by providing rewards for goals completed you will want to work extra hard to make sure you can get to the reward.


Create a clear visualisation of what it is that you want to achieve down the line so you can have an understanding of what it will be like when you actually do become successful!  By doing this you will be able to picture success making it easier to achieve.

Positive thinker?

Are you going to try and stay positive through the recession or will you let your fears control your every move?  Will you be trying any of our tips?  Let us know what you think…

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