The following will look at some simple ways to generate the most interest when displaying at a trade show. These tips and tricks come from some of the most experienced trade show users.

Set a realistic goal: this is one of the first steps that you need to take when considering setting up a trade show booth. All members of your company need to agree on the goals before setting foot in the trade show, from marketing to product development and even the CEO. Often, just visiting a trade show can benefit your business and help you to learn from others at the show. Some benefits include: developing leads, clients and relationships; understanding brand management; helping others to understand your company and product; to become a known part of your industry; to help your team to bond for the good of your company; to recruit and to seek investors. Giving equal weight to all goals is most likely to result in all your goals failing. Speak to other members of your team and ask each member to provide you with a percentage weighting of the three most important goals. Remember, be realistic, not overambitious.

Forming a strategy: once equipped with goals and targets, it’s important to settle on a timeline for events. Focus on pre, during and post event, and create a checklist to prevent forgetting any vital parts. Acquiring clients, developing your product or generating leads is crucial at such events, and your company should focus on making one of these a priority. If generating leads is your main goal, set your most sociable team members with the task of socialising with those at the event and getting your brand heard. If you’re directing your attention towards achieving clients, you will need your sales people at the forefront. Developing your product may be most important for your company. In which case, you should task your developers with seeking out other developers and seeking ideas.

Create a budget: trade show booths will be between a third and two-thirds of all your financing for an event. The total costing should be looked at before booking the event, as extra costs could take you by surprise, such as travel, hotels, display material, staffing and food. If you’re breaking the budget by just paying for your stall, it may not be the right time to attend a trade show as you will end up cutting corners or leaving things out. Displaying at a trade show is a great opportunity to display your product and the professionalism of your company.

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