Advertising agencies are there to plan, design and produce campaigns for client companies and can provide your company with an in-depth knowledge of how the advertising industry works as well as creating flair to produce innovative ideas.

The cost of hiring an advertising agency varies depending on how much experience that company has, and their over-all reputation. However, if the advertising campaign they help you put together is successful, then the additional income can often offset their initial expense.

Before you hire an advertising agency, you must first think about what you want from an advertising campaign. Who are the customers you are appealing to? What sort of image do you want to create? What is your budget for advertising? You need to have a good idea towards these kinds of things before you bring in an agency in order to save time and energy.

How To Find An Agency

You must shop around to find the agency that best suits your company’s requirements. You can find information about advertising agencies at several different sources including:

• Your local Yellow Pages and Thomson directories under ‘Advertising Agencies’ if you are looking for local agencies

• The internet  – searches can yield a suitable agency for your business. This will also allow you to look further afield than your local area, but bear in mind travel expenses

• Talk to friends and business associates about their experiences with advertising agencies. It often turns out that word of mouth is the best information you can get

• The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) can be a useful resource as it represents advertising agencies. Agencies that are members have to comply to criteria prior to acceptance into the IPA.

Initial meetings with a chosen agency are usually free and they will often provide you with a presentation of work they have previously done for other clients. Discuss with colleagues whether this presentation is impressive, and is it consistent with what you are looking to do?

How To Hire An Agency

During this initial meeting you can ask about costs – do they work for a fixed fee, an ad hoc. Fee or on commission? How does that agency plan to monitor how effective their advertising is once it is up and running? You may even want to talk to other clients of theirs for a firsthand perspective.

If you can’t come to a decision, you could ask two or three agencies to take part in a pitch for your business. If you choose to do this, you need to provide a brief of what you want to accomplish and your budget, inviting them to create a presentation appropriate for your businesses strategy. You can then consider these proposals and find the most suitable agency for your business.

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