Have you given much thought to email marketing? Email marketing can be a great help to increase sales and to drive your businesses name and message through to potential and existing customers alike.

However, getting it wrong could actually do the opposite – read on to get a few tips on how to get email marketing spot on…

Be Prepared!

Your email needs to contain a strong call-to-action backed up by a fairly impressive incentive – otherwise there isn’t much point sending the emails.

By providing a link to your businesses website, and providing a good reason why the reader should take time out of their day to visit the website, then you should notice a hefty boost in customer attention to your site.

Dear John…

A personal touch is the best touch!  There are software programmes that you can get your hands on which will allow you to personalise your emails for each customer.  Have a search around and if needs be pay the nominal fee – it will be well worth it.

How many times have you received an email addressed to “Sir/Madam”? That impersonal touch is something that you, as a customer, just won’t be able to connect with.

The same goes for your customers – by using their names they will get a sense of that personal touch without much effort on your part.

Are you still there?

You can waste a lot of time and effort sending emails to accounts that aren’t even being used anymore.  It is vital to keep on top of this and continue to renew your customer mailing list as often as possible.

There’s no point sending emails that aren’t being read so it’s in your interest to keep on top of this little issue – by doing so you will also be able to gain a stronger understanding of your audience at the same time.

You’re getting this email, and that’s that!

Not everyone wants to receive emails from businesses, therefore you must remember to provide a method for the customer to be able to sign themselves off the mailing list.

Using email marketing can be a fantastic aid in these economically challenging times, but bombarding your customer with unwanted emails could also turn them away and that’s not what you want at all.

Just because the customer doesn’t want to keep getting your emails doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be your customer anymore – they will just be happy that they can choose.

And finally, thank you…

Manners are everything!  If a customer has just purchased something from you after a marketing campaign then a “thank you” wouldn’t go amiss and could attract another purchase.

Don’t forget to throw in another offer to keep them interested and it’s also a good idea to find out when a good time would be to contact them again.

Give it a go…

It’s worth putting these tips into action and you should be seeing the benefits from very little effort – done correctly email marketing can be a life saver and done incorrectly it can be a nightmare…make sure you get it right by following these steps.

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