Is your website up-to-date?

Are you making the most out of your website?  A recent survey conducted by BT Business found that although around £78 million is set to be spent online this year alone, only 11 per cent of small businesses maintain their websites on a daily basis.

Furthermore, small businesses will be failing to even get noticed online this year as only one in 3,000 small businesses don’t even use keywords to promote the chances of their website being found through search engines.

As a result of failing to maintain their websites, 42 per cent of small businesses sites had broken or invalid links attached to them and 15 per cent of small business websites failed to provide the service of selling directly to customers.

Waste of time…

According to the director of business products and online at BT Business, Jerry Thompson, said that although small businesses understand the importance of having an online presence, many are just wasting their time by neither maintaining nor promoting their site.

“Most small businesses understand that it’s vital to have a website and are quick to get online. Unfortunately, many websites are withering on the vine because customers cannot actually find them when they surf the Internet,” said Thompson.

As a general rule it is good practice to keep your website fresh, maintained and up-to-date as it is a reflection of your business and your site represents you to customers that have found you online and don’t know anything about you.

Search Engine Optimisation

A good way to boost your website on the Internet is to use Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is a way of getting your website noticed through search engines like Google and Yahoo!.  As we all know when we are surfing Google looking for matches we barely go beyond the first or second page – that is where you want your business to be!

Your website isn’t going to find its way onto the first results page of Google by pure luck and magic – there is a method to the success.

Do some research online and find the company that is right for you who will take care of your needs for a price you feel comfortable with.  An Internet Marketing company will know exactly how to tackle the situation and will probably promise that unless you notice a significant rise in your traffic they will give you your money back!

But what exactly are the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation?

•    Saving Costs – If your customers are finding you listed on the first or second page then your traffic will be boosted significantly.  As a knock-on effect you will be experiencing a customer base boost and can therefore lower your marketing spend.
•    Visitors – Visitor growth will be felt more and more over time.
•    Brand Awareness – By having potential customers finding your site on the first couple of pages of Google you will notice improved brand awareness fairly quickly.

What about you?

Do you look after your website?  Can you find yourself on the first results page of Google?  If not, would you like to?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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