Digital Advertising is on the rise and quickly becoming a valuable form of commerce in spite of the global economic situation. The market has is set to surpass £6bn this year with advertising budgets also on the rise by 17.5%.  to more than £3bn-a record high for both. This is just for the United Kingdom, land in which compared to the likes of Germany and France is much smaller but however is dense with activity and potential.

The market is rife with competition and potential here in the UK. Digital marketing agencies vying for businesses attention to market their businesses correctly across the search engines. Digital advertising is a valuable platform to be involved in whether you are involved in a digital marketing agency or part of a business looking to enhance your business with digital marketing.

With such wealth and attention, there are still businesses that are yet to fully uptake the true potential of digital marketing and advertising for their website in accordance with the business itself. Digital advertising in a sense still remains fledgling as physical advertising remains far more prominent as well as focused. Physical advertising costs more on average than digital advertising.

However, it still remains that digital advertising is very much up and coming with regard to the revenue stream levels. The print industry and physical advertising will soon be superseded by digitalisation of these industries in the near future it seems with year on year growth for the digital markets. The m0st prominent form of digital marketing is paid for search engine marketing which accounts for £1.8bn and since 2006 has grown by fivefold.

Digital Advertising is a valuable form of advertising particularly towards digital consumers which incidentally means the majority of the UK. With such a wider reach, businesses that do not take up the mantle and approach the digital markets with proper marketing may find that their business will fall by the wayside eventually only being confined to their borders.

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