Gordon Brown has provided new incentives for businesses in the country as he has claimed that half a million people would be given a bit of help to find either new jobs or training.  Brown has announced that the government will be making funds available to provide employers with up to £2,500 if they train someone who has been unemployed for over six months, in a bid to tackle the current employment issues being faced around Britain.

The news comes as unemployment rates are soaring as businesses around the country are collapsing and 2.8 million people are currently without work.  However, in response to the Government’s plans to entice businesses to train employees, the Conservative party has announced that they feel the move simply, “does not go far enough”.

The plan by the Government will cost the country half a billion pounds and is aimed at treating not just today’s issues but the long term issue of unemployment in Britain.  However, as the country is facing unemployment rates tickle the 3 million mark, critics are claiming that something more must be done.

The head of policy at the Federation of Small Businesses, Andrew Cave, has announced that the news by the Government doesn’t do enough to tackle the problems faced by the country, claiming that half a million jobs just is not enough.  “We’re rather disappointed that the government is not being more ambitious.  They’ve announced they want to create 500,000 jobs, which is a drop in the ocean of the jobs we’re going to lose in the coming months.”

Speaking at a summit at London’s Science Museum, the Prime Minister announced, “We know that any action we take has costs.  But the biggest cost of all would be the cost of doing nothing.  Failure to act now, and to do so in coordination with our international partners, would mean a deeper and longer recession, it would mean temporary rises in unemployment made permanent, with whole communities written off as we saw in the past.  And that would mean lasting damage to our economy and a bigger bill to pay in the future. That will not happen on my watch.”

“We will do everything we can to prevent the global recession turning into a global depression, to prevent short term unemployment turning into long term unemployment, and to prevent losing your job meaning losing your home.  We can not always prevent people losing the last job but we can help people get the next job. So that the inevitable increase in short term unemployment which we are certainly facing is never again allowed to become the long term unemployment that scarred so many lives and communities in the past. We have to get these people back into work,” continued Brown.

However, when most other businesses are having to cut back on employees, Morrisons has announced that they will be providing a further 5,000 new jobs as they prepare to begin their supermarket expansion plans.

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