Don’t Let Your Customers Go

One of the most important things to remember through a recession is that you need to keep hold of clients and customers.  It’s hard enough to find new ones, so the more you can keep the better!

As the recession hits more and more customers will start to look for cheaper alternatives to save their hard earned pennies – it is your job to make sure they keep coming back for more – read on to find out how to make it as hard as possible for your customers to move away from your business…


You need to understand the market you are communicating with and then communicate on their level – if you are selling to teens then you need to get on a social network and use fancy SMS advertising.  If you are looking to sell to the over-50s then you need to make phone calls and advertise on buses for example.


Newsletters are a great way of keeping up a connection with your customers – they can be your own little way of making sure you are in their offices or homes and even computers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Email newsletters are the most effective as they are relatively cheap and leave the ability to provide a connection to your company’s website.


If you want the customer to think that they have a special rapport with your business then you should think about sending out personalised gifts – nothing elaborate of course otherwise you would go bankrupt.  Think about sending in newspaper clippings that are relevant to the specific customer for example.  However, make sure they don’t find out you do this for all your customers or they’ll get offended.

Special Occasions

Along with contact details like email addresses and telephone numbers, you should also try and make note of special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other occasions that you feel are special.  This personal touch can be the difference between you and a competitor and it can really build you up a special bond between you and your customers.

Thank You

You should make your customers feel special for doing business with you – in a way you have to thank them without really saying thank you because thank you has become such a commonly used term today.  Throw your customers parties or even host special events at football games or racecourses.

Don’t do away with the words thank you of course – the words should always appear on your communications with your customers.  Start every letter with a thank you, end with a thank you, don’t forget to use it when on the phone – although the term has become so common it is hardly noticed you don’t want to be one of the only companies out there without manners!

Customer Trouble?

Are you struggling hanging on to customers?  Have you found our advice useful?  Let us know…

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