How To Sell Properly

Selling is not only a business, it’s an art form – if you know how to sell properly you can be one of the most successful people in the world.

People aren’t looking to buy random things, they are looking to spend money to fill gaps in their lives and help them out – you need to make sure you are there with the solution that will make their lives run more smoothly.

Follow our advice to find out how to become the best sales person out there and make sure you apply our advice with each sale you attempt…


Make sure that you are clear about the benefits of whatever it is that you are selling with every sentence you deliver.  Highlight how the product or service will change their lives and make sure that you are clear about how their lives will be better off if they swap some money for whatever it is that you are selling.


You should make sure that you are completely submersed into the world of the customer before starting the sale where possible.  Find out why the customer needs the product or service.  Decide what you think you will need to do to make the sale happen.  Planning is effective.


Asking the right questions will allow you to get a better understanding of your customer and finding out what is important to them.  Make sure to plan properly before starting the sale allowing you to focus on the sale rather than the investigation…


Although you may not agree with the customer over whatever reasons they are supplying you with, you should think about empathising with them and then work at turning their thinking around.  If they say they don’t want a certain service because they don’t like what they’ve heard, then why not say that you understand why them might think that way but they can’t listen to rumours because the service is actually amazing – then you can cover any worries they have about what you are selling.  This is a great way of covering the bases.


Objections aren’t a bad thing – in fact they can be your best friend.  When you hear someone objecting you should smile inside because it shows that they are thinking about their life with whatever it is you are selling.  If they object with the old story of “it’s too expensive” for example, you can turn the situation around by offering a deal if they purchase today.  You can even explain why the service if the price it is and show how it’s actually the bargain of a lifetime for what they are getting in return for their money.

Selling Yourself Short?

Are you hoping to become the best selling machine on the market?  Have you found our advice useful?  Do you think you will be trying our techniques in your next sale?  Let us know…

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