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You might think that the best way to promote your business through the magic of the Internet is by using website marketing – however so many people trundle down this path without thinking and make one mistake after another.

Website marketing can do great things for your website but there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid if you want people to visit your site…


Some people make the mistake of using a single word when it comes to getting recognised on search engines like Google – imagine how many people use the word advice as a keyword.  You can’t only use that one word because you’ll just get lost in the rest of them.

Instead you need to think about using a number of words to promote your site to the people that are looking for what it is you are supplying – if it is employment advice for women then you should use employment, advice and women as you keywords…


Spamming doesn’t work, in fact it will get you turned away from the search engines like Yahoo! and Google who don’t want Spam infecting their web-waves.

Spam will turn people away, despite what you may think, and it won’t be doing your business any favours at all – turn your back on Spam.


There’s no point getting thousands of visitors to your site on a daily basis if they are all looking for cooking recipes and you offer PR advice.  You aren’t bringing in the correct traffic – to do this you need to be clear in your meta information so people can see exactly what it is that your site does and they can either visit or steer clear.


If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to designing your website, and you have pretty poor taste, then don’t waste your time and effort creating your own site – a poorly designed site will push visitors away fast.  Instead get your site created by a professional or if you want to do it yourself then just remember to stay simple and fresh…it’s always a winning competition.


There’s one thing getting visitors to your site but it’s another thing getting them to stay and re-visit tomorrow.  You need to offer something that they will want to return for and if that isn’t there then the only way they will come back to your site will be through a search engine and luck once again…do something to get them to add your site to their Favourites list.

Marketing Mishaps?

Have you made any of these marketing mistakes that have pushed visitors away?  Have you found certain tricks that can bring visitors time and time again?  Do you think website marketing is the way forward for your site?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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