Summer Selling

The summer is here and although the weather doesn’t know it yet we’re only getting started!  Bring on the barbeques and beaches – even though the sun hasn’t been making strong appearances recently we can still hope for the best.

In this light it’s about time we started looking at how we can maximise your sales through the summer months – read on to find out how to make the most out of the hottest time of the year…


Times are tight and people aren’t buying as much as they were last year when the recession didn’t have such a strong hold on the country.  Instead of simply dropping prices in order to attract customers you should think about putting on a massive summer bargain as an excuse to drop prices and attract more customers.

You will be doing what you needed to do anyway, but now you look like you are being seasonal.  If you are in the services business then think about throwing in a service for free with another service “because it’s summer”.  Remember to push the sale so people know it’s going on, otherwise there is no point!


People spend money to either solve a problem or feel good!  If they are buying a luxury to feel good then take the opportunity to actually raise your prices through the summer.  If people want something, they’ll pay for it without really thinking about the cost, even in a recession.

Summer products can make people spend money they wouldn’t normally think about spending – if you think about buying a bottle of sun cream you can imagine spending a lot more money through the summer months than you would at Christmas.


When the summer is here that also means that there are tons of kids running riot making their parents pull their hair out with stress.  Think about what it is you are offering that can make their lives a lot more easier, and then market it…

If your product keeps kids busy through the day, or keeps them still for 30 minutes, then sell it hard and stick a big price ticket on it!  Stressed out parents will buy whatever you’re selling just to get some peace…they aren’t used to the stress of the summer holidays so make money out of it!


As the seasons change you should think about evolving your packaging too – people are brighter and more cheerful in the summer months while they are more subdued through the winter months.  Package your products in an appropriate way and you will be more attractive to potential customers.

This will even work on something that is sold any time of the year – as long as you keep your packaging evolving you will stay fresh and seasonal.

Making Money This Summer

Are you hoping to make more money through the summer months?  Have you found our advice useful?  Let us know…

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