Impressing Your Customers

In this world there are good businesses and bad business – the bad businesses leave you feeling drained, empty and worried about doing business with them again.  The good businesses leave you feeling positive, happy and excited to spread the word…

Don’t you want to be one of the good businesses?  Being a strong company that impressed customers isn’t as hard as it sounds – there are a few things you should keep in mind that will take you from bad to good!


If you want your customer to be enthusiastic about doing business with you then you need to be enthusiastic right from the beginning.  If you are positive then they will feel positive – if you don’t care, they won’t care!

If you can’t put yourself in a position to feel positive, enthusiastic and excited about doing business then you don’t stand much of a chance getting your customers to feel the same way – try your hardest and pull out all the stops!

Looking Good?

If you have customers visiting your workplace, whether it’s a shop or an office, do you put much effort into making the place look good?  Whenever anyone walks into a place of business they put their Simon Cowell head on and judge, judge, judge!

If you want to impress your customers you need to make your place of business look fresh, clean and tidy – not used, tired and ragged!  If a customer is put off by your workplace you probably won’t be seeing them again…fickle but so true!

Know Your Customer

There can’t be enough said for the businessman that takes the time out to get to know their customers – familiarise yourself with your customers where possible and treat them like a friend rather than a faceless visitor.

If you want a client to continue coming back for more business then you need to build up a relationship with them – people are far more prepared to hand over their money to friendly people they can trust than hidden away people that don’t even know their first name.


One of the best ways to impress your customers and show them just how much you care is by giving them a phone call a few days after their business with your company.

You should phone up, ask how they are getting on with the product or service, how the product or service is working for them and if they are satisfied with the whole process – if there’s a problem you are jumping on the issue straight away making sure they don’t have time to run to another business to fulfil their needs.

Dressed To Impress?

Do you try to impress your customers on a daily basis?  Do you see your customers as an annoyance or do you celebrate them?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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