Online Isn’t Always The Answer

Although having an online presence can be one of the most important aspects of any businesses marketing plans – however, not every business deems it necessary to have any sort of online presence at all.

If you are one of the businesses that doesn’t feel it necessary to have a website, then fear not – below are some of the main ways of marketing your business offline…


Advertising is a great way of getting the aims and messages of your business out there to as many customers as possible.  Although advertising is now considered slightly old fashioned and dated, it is still a good way of getting seen by large numbers of people.

Display advertising is a great way of catching people’s eyes and if they are looking for what it is that you are supplying then they will probably come to you!  Even if they aren’t really looking for what you are advertising you might still make them want it through a great advertisement.

Talked About

One of the great ways of getting marketing is by getting talked about in newspapers, magazines and even on the radio.  Adverts can blend into one sometimes and people can very often walk right past them without even noticing them.

However, if a journalist were to write about your product or service for example (in a good way) then the public will stop and take in what they are saying.  They will even believe what they are reading.

This is PR and it is the best form of marketing because it is free and effective.

Be Everywhere

If you have a website, make a bunch of stickers and stick them everywhere – if you have a car plaster them over your car – put them on your house windows, on your bike, on your phone, t-shirts, pens, etc…get your name recognised everywhere you can.

If you can’t afford to print speciality beer mats and key rings then simply print tons of business cards with your website address on them and hand them out to everyone.

Publicity Stunt

One of the oldest, yet most effective forms of marketing is the publicity stunt – a good publicity stunt keeps you talking for weeks without ever really knowing that the event was a publicity stunt.

You can attract massive amounts of attention to your business by doing something simple yet odd – this way you will be making people stop what they’re doing and take notice of your business.

Pick up litter in London wearing a toilet as a costume or something weird that makes people stop and look – some businesses decide to go on the other side of legal and will even do dangerous stunts just to be seen – you do publicity stunts at your own risk!!

Staying Offline?

While many are migrating online, you are deciding to stay offline.  Are you struggling to stay offline especially through the recession?  Have you found our advice useful?  Let us know…

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